[Marxism] Econ Rebounding?

brad bauerly bbauerly at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 12:59:57 MDT 2009

"I think the boost
in the US, looking at the new orders in transportation, is probably a
"one-off" event based on the 'cash for clunkers' deals."

S.Artesian can you please elaborate on this.  Why do you still feel that
there is no recovery?  How do you incorporate the increased productivity and
rebounded corp. profits data that just came out?  Let's see the stocks are
up (not too telling), so are corp. profit rates, so is productivity, so is
manufacturing, credit has eased, banks are turning large profits...so how is
this still a crisis for capitalism?  Sure there is high unemployment but
this does not mean a crisis for capitalism, only for workers.  Could you
please flesh out your argument whenever you get a chance. I would be
interested in hearing others opinions on this as well and I think this a
very necessary and important discussion.


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