[Marxism] Max Lane's critique of Indonesian leftists

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Wed Sep 2 18:22:22 MDT 2009

Nick, a belated thanks for your reply, which provides some valuable context. 
Neither of us is in a position to debate these issues in detail, but I'll 
make the following general comments.

1. I doubt  if the PKI's uncritical support for Sukarno was a tactical 
question. I can understand there could be an argument for critical support 
of a nationalist leader, but even then it would be a *strategic 
uestion*  -- and a pretty big one given the eventual horrific destruction of 
the PKI.

2. Anyway Prabowo ain't Sukarno,  he's a very  ugly character. Looking at 
the candidates in the elections, I really can't see any basis to 

3. Which is  not to say I'm for a "boycott". This implies that the far left 
has the capability to make such a thing happen, which would be just as big 
an illusion as imagining it could have an electoral impact via Papernas or 
the PBR. Whatever the left does, it should reflect its real level of 

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