[Marxism] Samir Amin: Political Islam in the service of Imperialism

John E. Norem jnorem at cox.net
Wed Sep 2 22:33:36 MDT 2009

  *Political Islam in the Service of Imperialism*

*By Samir Amin*


All the currents that claim adherence to political Islam proclaim the 
"specificity of Islam." According to them, Islam knows nothing of the 
separation between politics and religion, something supposedly 
distinctive of Christianity. It would accomplish nothing to remind them, 
as I have done, that their remarks reproduce, almost word for word, what 
European reactionaries at the beginning of the nineteenth century (such 
as Bonald and de Maistre) said to condemn the rupture that the 
Enlightenment and the French Revolution had produced in the history of 
the Christian West!


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