[Marxism] Correction Re: China's high speed rail plans

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
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That seems rather churlish of you Nestor.  The comrade has simply pointed 
out that "thinking"  or arguing that socialism, that revolutionists can "use 
capitalism" to build socialism is, at best, rank idealism.  In the concrete 
world, such fantasies are never at their best, but always at their worst, 
and lead to destruction and debasement of the real prospects for social 

Maybe comrade Leonardo's language is a little opaque, but it's certainly 
worth grappling with to get to its extremely practical core.

Opium Wars, and British preservation of the Portuguese monarchy by 
transporting it to Brazil to the contrary not withstanding, Leonardo has 
handed us a real issue in the so-called national development of China, or 
Vietnam, or Brazil.

Engage or evade the issue as you wish, but that decision is your 
responsibility and not Leonardo's.

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