[Marxism] Voting with feet, not commendable in Argentina Re: China's high speed rail plans

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 15:47:15 MDT 2009

Lüko Willms escribió:

>   Sitting e.g. in the parliament of Argentina, one would be confronted with 
> such questions: should the high-speed line from Buenos Aires to Rosario and 
> Cordoba be built? Should Argentina import used locomotives and wagons from 
> Spain? Should the country enhance the line from BA to Mar del Plata? I might 
> have my opinions and maybe disagreements about priorities of various single 
> projects, but I would vote for the every sensible step to build up the national 
> infrastructure with both hands, and would even raise my feet if that helps. 

Well, Lüko, there are already too many people who vote with their feet 
(or perhaps their hoof) there, but you would hardly like their company. 
You have the "agrarian" bloc, and you also have the "leftist" allies of 
that bloc. Lots of people voting with their feet. Or hoof.

The "agrarians", of course, vote the way they do in their own interest. 
They may vote with their feet, but they think with their brains. A pity 
the anti-Kircherista "left", conversely, _thinks_ with their feet. Or hoof.

As to the particular issue of the railroad network, I am always reminded 
of a _bourgeois_ economist, a Brazilian by name Darc Costa, who is now 
an advisor to Chávez. He wrote a book during the worst years of 
neoliberal domination where he advocated the creation of a South 
American (not Latin American, the Brazilian bourgeoisie finds it very 
difficult to swallow the challenge of fighting for the Caribbean and 
Central America with the Leviathan) "mega-state" that could generate a 
vast program of infrastructure where a dense South American network of 
railroads would interact with a net of inlnd channels (the three basins 
of the Orinoco, Amazon and Plata can be interconnected, you can enter 
the continent by way of the Orinoco delta and abandon it by way of the 
River Plate) in order to constitute a continental conveyor belt for 
goods and passengers (Costa´s idea is that although roads should be 
built first, in the end roads would be ancillary to these two networks).

As to the question of "what´s the productivity of such a high investment 
in infrastructure", his answer was almost Marxist. He said that the 
productivity of infrastructure could not be measured, BECAUSE THE END 

These issues are adamant in any Third World country. If you can´t guess 
this, then you not only can call yourself a Marxist, you can hardly call 
yourself a serious person.

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