[Marxism] China's high speed rail plans

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Yeah, that's realistic-- "coalition of classes,"  "workers and farmers 
government," that's a very realistic assessment of the course of class 
struggle in China..  Yeah, trying to decide whether a high speed line should 
be built in Argentina while the bourgeoisie are in control, that's all very 
realistic Luko.  Like that's the concern of Marxists-- while the bourgeoise 
are kept in power.  Approving the bourgeoisie's budget.  And when Argentina, 
or Bolivia, or Brazil, or China use that rail network to move troops to 
suppress strikes, how grateful everyone will be that you voted for 

Why just pose this question for 3rd world countries?  Why not France, 
Germany, US--certainly all countries, all workers benefit from the glories 
of Stakhanovite infrastructure development.    I can see you now, taking 
your seat in parliament voting approval after approval of the bourgeoisie's 

Realistic: Vote yes on HSR for China-- no mitigation of lead smelter 
pollution.    Realistic:  Vote yes on HSR for Korea while the police hunt 
down the workers who occupied the Sanggyong factory [a company 50% owned by 
Shanghai auto].  Realistic: Vote yes  HSR for Brazil while death squads 
continue to operate with impunity against the rural poor, squatters and 
indigenous peoples.

Realistic:  Vote yes on HSR in the US despite the devastation of New 
Orleans.  Vote yes

You're a regular little Kautsky with your super-realism.

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