[Marxism] China's high speed rail plans

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Context Luko, context.  You really have to read the posts before you spew 
your distortions.

1. The entire post to which you refer was a response to MG's speculation 
that the actions of revolutionary government/state in China, and the 
response of the bourgeoisie, would be devastating to the workers of China 
and the US, and produce a worsening of living conditions.

2. The entire post to which you refer dealt with actual revolutionary 

3. The paragraph regarding the Russian Revolution to which you refers 
follows and is linked directly to the preceding paragraph regarding the 
impact of "developmentalism" and nationalizations in the real revolutionary 
situations of Bolivia and Chile.

4.  Indeed, the soviets may have discussed street lighting.  The FEJUVE in 
El Alto in Bolivia certainly did, just as they discussed and took direct, 
collective action regarding the privatization of the municipal water supply. 
The difference between that and your cheerleading for the development of 
capitalism in China is the difference, well it's the difference between 
revolutionary organization, its struggle for power, and cheerleading for 

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