[Marxism] China's high speed rail plans

Marv Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Fri Sep 4 07:55:13 MDT 2009

Artesian asks:

> So what should we do, besides I mean become social-democrats and vote our
> approvals of the bourgeoisie's various budgets which of course hold no
> immanent disaster for the living standards, or just the plain living, of
> the
> workers and poor?
That is a good question, when socialism is only a metaphysical construct and
no longer a material force in the working class.

This leaves us in the advanced capitalist countries at the present time only
to discuss the current world situation and the prospects for change over the
internet or in small organized groups.

And to support and (for those of us with the will and energy to do so) to
participate in and try to advance the only social struggles going on today,
which are between liberals and conservatives, and which turn on the
democratic demands of organized workers, national minorities and immigrants,
women, gays, environmentalists and other groups trying to defend their
interests under capitalism. Also, to support anti-imperialist struggles

If the above activity makes us social democrats, then we're all social
democrats, no matter how much we reject the label and like to think of
ourselves as otherwise. There are no longer any socialist parties, much less
revolutionary socialist ones, aiming at take power on behalf of the working
class to which we can affiliate.

For me, a social democrat is one who believes the masses can take power and
transform capitalist property relations through gradual, peaceful, and
parliamentary means. I still don't accept this to be possible, and recent
history has confirmed this.

On the other hand, although I don't as yet see any indications of it, I
believe a revival of the socialist movement is possible in China, the US,
and elsewhere, given the right social conditions which I've discussed
previously. Fundamental change in society, while long in preparation, tends
to occur swiftly and unexpectedly. That lesson was also driven home by
recent history - in this case, the rapid and wholly unexpected unwinding of
the anticapitalist revolutions in both the USSR and China.

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