[Marxism] Econ Rebounding?

brad bauerly bbauerly at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 08:33:04 MDT 2009

All well and good S. Artesian.  However, capitalism's self produced
gravediggers are the workers, not financiers, world leaders or
'overaccumulation'.  Otherwise Marx would have said capitalism produces its
own graves or death, not gravediggers.  The workers must destroy the system
it will not destroy itself.  Under the current supine politics of the
working class we will get Patrick's "crisis solutions from above".  It is
fun, and serves a very real tactical political purpose, to argue that the
'end is nigh' for capitalism due to its own contradictions.  However, sober
analysis also reveals a very real lack of movement towards that end by the
working class.  How does this fact impact your analysis?


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