[Marxism] T-Shirts with Marxist and Progressive Themes Available

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Fri Sep 4 09:35:06 MDT 2009

To Readers of the Marxism List,
Several years ago I sent a notice to the list announcing the opening of our web store promoting T-Shirts with Marxist themes. Since that time we have expanded our selection greatly to include buttons and hats and have added many new designs.
Most of our shirts are designed by Michael Martinez, a leader of Miami's Bolivarian Youth organization. We have just introduced a new line of shirts commemorating Native American leaders, We also have shirts with poster art from the May 1968 revolt in France along with shirts honoring Gramsci, Trotsky and other revolutionary leaders. Of course we have a large number of shirts focused on our current struggles including health care.
  Most of the shirts were designed by Michael and we produce them ourselves right here in Miami. They are all top quality and send a  progressive message.  We

I would like to invite you to please visit our site and let us know what you think 
about it!  We can also design and produce T-Shirts for organizations, a mobilization or  businesses and have them union made if you wish. Please  call me at 305-582-4846 if you are interested any special orders or requests. 

All of our profits go to support the progressive movement, so the money 
generated by your purchases will be used to support the struggles you believe 
in!  Please click the following link to reach our store.

Best  Regards,
Jack Lieberman

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