[Marxism] SPIEGEL ONLINE - Scandalous Images from Kabul: Guards at US Embassy Organized Humiliating Sex Games

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Fri Sep 4 11:56:33 MDT 2009

The outrage many have expressed over this latest all-American wartime 
"sex scandal" is more amusing than outrageous, insofar as it 
demonstrates the following:
    1. Universal homoerotic impulses can emerge in twisted (or, 
depending on one's point of view, creative) ways under wartime and 
all-male sex-deprived circumstances. Not all repressed homoerotic 
impulses come out in vanilla ways.
    2. It is interesting how the ruling-class (and other) media have 
nearly completely suppressed the fact that the United States' Pashtun 
"allies" in Afghanistan practice pederasty (a form of male homosexuality 
that is also universal in Iran, despite the idiotic comments of 
Ahmadinejad at Columbia University that homosexuality doesn't exist in 
Iran). So, Our Savior's losing war in Afghanistan is tied to a tribe 
whose homosexual practices are illegal in most U.S. states. (I don't 
think they should be, but they are, and most American liberals, 
including most "leftists," think they should be.)
    I am sure many gay Americans would find some of these sex games fun.

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 09/04/2009
Scandalous Images from Kabul: Guards at US Embassy Organized
Humiliating Sex Games

Photos of embassy guards holding sex parties in Kabul have caused a
stir in Washington. Some of the men involved claim they were forced
to participate by their supervisors at the ArmorGroup security firm.
The scandal could yet again call into question the role of private
contractors in US military missions.

By Britta Sandberg

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