[Marxism] John Brown anniversary

Jay Moore pieinsky at igc.org
Fri Sep 4 18:15:16 MDT 2009

About 10 years ago maybe, Noel Ignatieff and the Race Traitor folks 
tried to start up an annual commemoration of Brown's martyrdom at the 
farm in Elba (Lake Placid) upstate New York where Brown and several of 
his sons are buried under a huge glacial boulder (and practically in the 
shadow of the ski jump from the Winter Olympics.  Some friends and I 
went once.  Russell Banks (author of "Cloudsplitter" written in the 
voice of Brown's surviving son, Owen -- whom was named I think for 
Robert Owen) spoke and some black churches brought buses up from 
Harlem.  I haven't heard anything about it in more recent years.  So I 
assume it stopped happening. But check with them. Maybe they're doing 
something this year.  Somebody definitely should have an observance. 
Either there and/or at Harper's Ferry.


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