[Marxism] John Brown anniversary

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Fri Sep 4 18:29:29 MDT 2009

Didn't Owen Brown serve as an officer in the Union Army during the Civil War?

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> About 10 years ago maybe, Noel Ignatieff and the Race Traitor folks 
> tried to start up an annual commemoration of Brown's martyrdom at the 
> farm in Elba (Lake Placid) upstate New York where Brown and several of 
> his sons are buried under a huge glacial boulder (and practically in the 
> shadow of the ski jump from the Winter Olympics.  Some friends and I 
> went once.  Russell Banks (author of "Cloudsplitter" written in the 
> voice of Brown's surviving son, Owen -- whom was named I think for 
> Robert Owen) spoke and some black churches brought buses up from 
> Harlem.  I haven't heard anything about it in more recent years.  So I 
> assume it stopped happening. But check with them. Maybe they're doing 
> something this year.  Somebody definitely should have an observance. 
> Either there and/or at Harper's Ferry.
> jay
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