[Marxism] Voting with feet, not commendable in Argentina Re: China's high speed rail plans

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 07:53:11 MDT 2009

No, that was NOT my answer. I did not say that imperialism makes it a
class question.

I say that the national question is always a class question.

Which, of course, you will disagree with. In deeper or shallower conversation.

What can I do.

At least there are a couple of people who disagree with you and agree
with me: Willms, Lippmann, and -Engels, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, among

2009/9/4 S. Artesian <sartesian at earthlink.net>:
> And I of course knew that is exactly how you would answer:  imperialism
> automatically makes the national question a class question.  Even granting
> that, Nestor, which in deeper conversation I would not, that doesn't mean
> that every response, ever action that appears to be national is
> anti-imperialist; and it doesn't mean that every action that appears to be
> anti-imperialist is automatically a class action.
> That's history 101.


Néstor Gorojovsky
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