[Marxism] Voting with feet, not commendable in Argentina Re: China's high speed rail plans

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Sat Sep 5 08:25:42 MDT 2009

On Sep 5, 2009, at 9:53 AM, Néstor Gorojovsky wrote:
> ...I say that the national question is always a class question...
> At least there are...people who..agree with me... Marx...among others!

As illustrated by Marx's view of the national question among that  
"ethnic garbage," the southern slavs?  As well as by your condemnation  
of the Tibetan and Uighur national struggles against domination by the  
capitalist Chinese empire?

Shane Mage

> This cosmos did none of gods or men make, but it
> always was and is and shall be: an everlasting fire,
> kindling in measures and going out in measures."
> Herakleitos of Ephesos

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