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A history of the brutal Rajarhat land acquisition, Bengal’s new IT hub
August 29, 2008
By Santanu Sengupta, Sanhati.
Translated from Rajarhaat - Uponogorir Ontorale Arto Manuher Kanna

Rajarhaat, near Kolkata, is Bengal’s new IT hub and a hotspot for real
estate investment. Within no time Rajarhat has become the hotbed of
real estate investments with companies like DLF, Keppel Land, Unitech
group, Singapore-based Ascendas, Vedic Realty, etc. coming in. Land
prices have soared. The first phase of DLF’s Rs 280 crore (Rs 2.80
billion) IT project has been operational since 2005 and a second IT
park is on the cards. Wipro, Infosys, IBM - all the major IT houses
are in operation here, on subsidized lands. A wireless hub is in the

Contrasting with Singur-Nandigram, official state versions have given
the picture that Rajarhat’s land acquisition from the mid 1990’s
onwards has been peaceful.

This is an account of the immense bloodshed that lay behind this
acquisition, in a decade when the civil society and media wasn’t

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Vedic Village: A long history of brutality behind the final destruction

Recently, Vedic Village, an upscale resort sprawling out in Rajarhat
(near Kolkata), was torched down by angry villagers. This vent of
public anger was the culmination of a history of brutal land
acquisition in the area, perpetrated since the 1990’s by the CPI(M)
and brought to fruition by armies of local terrors like Gaffar Mollah,
Ruidas Mandal, and others. The following articles trace the recent
history of this real estate-Party-musclemen nexus that finally led to
the destruction of Vedic Village.

1. A history of the brutal Rajarhat land acquisition - booklet by
CPIML(Liberation), translated by Santanu Sengupta, Sanhati.
2. Short introduction - Partho Sarathi Ray, Sanhati
3. Vedic Vultures - A hard look at the realtor-musclemen-CPIM nexus in
Rajarhat by Sankar Ray
4. Left out of dazzle & delights, villagers may have struck back - An
initial Times of India report, August 25 2009
5. Biplab Biswas arrested - the link between Vedic Realty and local
tough Gaffar Molla - Times of India, August 27 2009
6. Souring of the urban-industrial vision: Gated communities want
stronger gates - Reaction of realtors
7. Land cell goes against norms: Abdur Rezzak Mollah under the scanner
- The Telegraph, August 31 2009

Read these articles at http://sanhati.com/articles/1766/


Bastar rally of BSKSS: Demands, attitude towards Maoists and
established activism
By Gautam Navlakha and Asish Gupta. August 28, 2009.

This article reports the first rally of a newly formed peasant
organisation in Bastar, Chhattisgarh. The rally voiced its protest
against corporate landgrab and the complicity of the state.
Interestingly, the political background of members covers the full
spectrum, bound together by common demands, and the attitude towards
established social activism is one of watchful distance. Equally
interesting is the attitude of attendees towards Maoists. This is a
nominally edited version of the report on Radicalnotes.

Read the full article at http://sanhati.com/articles/1762/


PDS: cash instead of food, and other dismantling measures since liberalisation
By Debarshi Das, Sanhati

The first post-liberalisation assault on the Public Distribution
System of India came in 1997. Instead of a universal system,
beneficiaries were divided into two groups APL and BPL (above and
below the poverty line). This drastically reduced the quantum of
distribution courtesy bureaucratic machination. From 20.8 million tons
in 1991 distribution plummeted to 10.9 million tons in 1999-2000. In
Dharavi, one of the world’s largest slums, government officials could
find no more than 153 poor families. In a country of 1160 million
where three fourth of people cannot afford to spend more than two
dollars a day, the central government’s estimates show 65 million poor

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Articles reporting effects of the current drought in India.

This collection of reports on the drought in India appeared in
Outlook. September 1, 2009.

1. Shadowed by the Rain
Leaving farmland parched, farmers despondent & a nation worried, the
monsoon strikes at the foundations of a still agrarian economy.
2. Gaya District, Bihar
Bihar has declared 26 of its 28 districts drought-hit. And Gaya
district has received only 350 mm of rainwater so far, against 950 mm
last year.
3. Rae Bareli District, Uttar Pradesh
Even in much-monitored parliamentary constituency of Congress chief
Sonia Gandhi the plight of the harried farmer is hardly better than
4. Rangareddy & Medak Districts, Andhra Pradesh
The twin problems of drought and a fear of displacement have claimed
15 lives in the last couple of months.
5. Birbhum District, West Bengal

At this time, these fields are usually green with paddy. Now, most of
them lie uncultivated.

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Workers’ Struggle at Paharpur Cooling Towers

The following translation is an account of the workers’ struggle at
Paharpur Cooling Towers factory (company tagline: An ISO 9001
company), located along Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata, West Bengal.
The original Bengali article was written by Partha Koyal spanning
three visits - it has been translated by Koel Das, Sanhati.

Read the article at http://sanhati.com/excerpted/1767/


Lokayat group, Pune: Literature and activities

The Lokayat group is an activist forum based in Pune, India. As part
of an effort to collect activist literature and feature various local
efforts from all over the country, we are bringing our readers some
material from the group, as well as an account of their recent
activity. -Ed.

Campaign literature aginst Coke [PDF, English]
Campaign literature on privatization of Pune’s public transportation
[PDF, English]
Literature on Dow Chemicals [PDF, English]

Read more at http://sanhati.com/literature/1769/


Delhi public meeting and statement on impending offensive of the government

The following statement was formulated during the course of a public
meeting in Delhi on August 4 2009, on the impending armed offensive of
the government “to wipe out the CPI(Maoist)”. It reflects a certain
aspect of civil society response to the issue.

Read the statement at http://sanhati.com/news/1765/

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