[Marxism] Israeli organ theft story - The Guardian shows its mettle

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> *Preface*
> This story was first offered to the Guardian’s Comment is Free site. It was
> received on August 26 by Brian Whitaker, a commissioning editor at CiF and a
> former Middle East editor of the newspaper, who responded that “we’re minded
> to use it” but that because the issue was “a hot potato” it would take “a
> day or two” to decide.
> On September 3, more than a week later, Georgina Henry, CiF’s executive
> editor, replied, apologising for the delay but saying she was going to
> reject the piece. Her strange reasoning led to a short but revealing
> correspondence. I include it *here<http://www.jkcook.net/Articles3/0419.htm#Top>
> * for anyone interested.
> *The Guardian shows its mettle*
> *A brief correspondence with the editor of Comment is Free*
> By Jonathan Cook
> September 4 2009
> clip -
> Liberal journalists in our mainstream media are always outraged at any
> suggestion that their reports or views are in any way influenced by the
> threat of retaliation from powerful interests. Students of the media are
> taught that in Western democracies journalists on serious newspapers seek
> the truth and, except in the case of the odd bad apple, refuse to submit to
> intimidation. Israel offers a particularly interesting test case in this
> regard.
> In reality, the fear of being labelled anti-Semitic is for most journalists
> a powerful deterrent to engaging in strong criticism of Israel. Israel and
> its supporters are only too aware of the power they have, which is why, when
> mainstream publications step out of line by raising issues Israel would
> rather were not examined, it leaps on them, flinging about the charge
> recklessly. The orchestrated fury that greeted the Swedish newspaper
> Aftonbladet’s article in August 2009 about the Israeli army’s possible
> involvement in organ theft was intended precisely to remind other media not
> to make a similar mistake themselves.
> The proper lesson for journalists to draw from the row over the Swedish
> newspaper’s story was that, when one writes critically about Israel, one
> should make sure to investigate the topic thoroughly, have a firm grasp of
> the evidence and not push the argument beyond the limits of what can
> reasonably be inferred. Those are worthy principles for any journalist to
> follow (and ones that in this case Aftonbladet forgot to abide by), even if
> they are more exacting requirements than those expected when writing about
> most other countries. Think, for example, how deterred Western journalists
> would be from following up a story that implicated the Venezuelan state in
> the trafficking of peasants’ organs, even if Hugo Chavez expressed outrage
> at the suggestion.
> Unfortunately, however, the actual lesson of the Aftonbladet affair, the
> one apparently intended for and digested by our media, is to keep quiet
> about issues that Israel might get angry about.
> full -  http://www.jkcook.net/Articles3/0419.htm#Top
> *The Missing Link in Israeli Organ Theft?*
> *The Autopsy Surgeon Aftonbladet Forgot*
> *http://www.jkcook.net/Articles3/0418.htm#Top*****
> All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it
> is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." *Arthur
> Schopenhauer* (1788-1860)
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