[Marxism] Working Poorer; Increased Accumulation, Reduced Reproduction; Or Why the Recovery IS the Contraction

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 6 08:07:01 MDT 2009

>From the Financial Times of September 5/6:

Families Take Up Food Stamps as Wages Shrink

The number of working Americans turning to free government food stamps has 
surged as their hours and wages erode....

...some 40 percent of the families on food stamps have 'earned income,' up 
from 25 percent two years ago.

The agriculture department, which runs the programme, attributes this rise 
to workers have their hours cut back.

"I'm sort of stunned, it seems like a dire warning...that even the jobs 
people are retaining in this recession aren't at thewage level and hours 
level they need to provide for their families" said Heidi Shierholz, 
economist at the Economic Policy Institute.

...The average working week is now about 33 hours, the lowest on record, 
while the number forced to work part-time has risen more than 50 percent in 
the past year to a record 8.8 million. 

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