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First Van Jones than this...

Kennedy Connection to Chávez and Citgo By Kate

As many wait to see what Joseph P. Kennedy II may decide about running for
the Senate <http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/04/us/politics/04succession.html>seat
long held by his uncle, Edward M. Kennedy, The Boston Globe examines
the political implications
Joe Kennedy<http://topics.nytimes.com/topics/reference/timestopics/people/k/joseph_p_kennedy_ii/index.html>’s
work with Citgo and its ties to Hugo
the Venezuelan president.

The Globe’s Michael Rezendes and Noah Bierman explain the landscape:

Over the past four years, Citizens Energy Corp., the signature nonprofit
founded by Kennedy in 1979 as a political launching pad, has grown from a
local charity serving 10,000 Massachusetts homes a year into a national
effort delivering free fuel to 200,000 households in 23 states.

And Kennedy, a former U.S. representative, has relied almost exclusively on
Chávez, a vociferous critic of the U.S. government, for that growth.

Since 2005, Citizens’ 877-JOE-4-OIL campaign has been sustained by the oil
fields of Venezuela. Chávez, who controls the industry there, has delivered
crude oil at no charge to a Citizens affiliate, which has resold it and used
the money to pay for oil deliveries to America’s poor. In the past two
years, Citizens has been given 83 million gallons of crude by Chávez and
sold it for $164 million - money used to fund almost its entire
philanthropic mission.

Now, as Mr. Kennedy considers stepping into what is certain to be a
contentious contest for the state’s first US Senate vacancy in more than 25
years, he will also almost certainly have to consider how his stewardship at
Citizens would play in a campaign. In addition to forging increasingly close
ties with Chávez and Citgo Petroleum Corp., an oil company controlled by the
Venezuelan government, Mr. Kennedy has used the proceeds of Chávez’s donated
oil to fund millions in advertising for the heating oil charity - $16
million over the last two winters alone. Those ads, in turn, prominently
feature Mr. Kennedy, often personally delivering Chávez-funded oil to needy

In February of last year, Mr. Kennedy defended the use of Venezuelan oil in
an interview <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xUkbPpYGLk> with a television
station based in Springfield, Mass. He said: “Some people say it’s wrong to
take it,” in one of the other commercials. In the interview, he added:
“Given the fact that the vast majority of the oil from any one single place
in this part of the country comes from Venezuela, then everyone who has a
problem with us taking oil from Venezuela should hold I think themselves to
the same standard, and they should be walking to work and not just be using
oil products.”


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