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The second point, revising the "out of Africa" timing is of particular  

Could you elaborate on this?

Greg  McD

"They also got more recent dates for other crucial events such as the age  
of our African ancestral mother, known as mitochondrial Eve, from who all 
recent  humans (Homo sapiens) descended. She was found to have lived around 
110-130,000  years ago, rather than previous estimates of 150,000-200,000 
years ago."
Versus . . . . 
(Genesis Revisted by Zecharia Sitchin pg 199 Chapter 9 “The Mother Called  
 Scanned from First Avon edition 1990. 17th printing.My personal copy  of 
the book.  

“Because a person's DNA keeps getting mixed by the genes of the  
generational fathers, comparisons of the DNA in the nucleus of the cell (which  come 
half from mother, half from father) do not work well after several  
generations. It was discovered, however, that in addition to the DNA in the  cell's 
nucleus, some DNA exists in the mother's cell but outside the nucleus in  
bodies called "mitochondria" (Fig. 62). This DNA does not get mixed with the  
father's DNA; instead, it is passed on "unadulterated" from mother to 
daughter  to granddaughter, and so on through the generations. This discovery, by 
Douglas  Wallace of Emory University in the 1980s, led him to compare this 
"mtDNA" of  about 800 women. The surprising conclusion, which he announced 
at a scientific  conference in July 1986, was that the mtDNA in all of them 
appeared to be so  similar that these women must have all descended from a 
single female ancestor.  The research was picked up by Wesley Brown of the 
University of Michigan, who  suggested that by determining the rate of natural 
mutation of mtDNA, the length  of time that had passed since this common 
ancestor was alive could be  calculated. Comparing the mtDNA of twenty-one 
women from diverse geographical  and racial backgrounds, he came to the 
conclusion that they owed their origin to  "a single mitochon-drial Eve" who had 
lived in Africa between 300,000 and  180,000 years ago. 
These intriguing findings were taken up by others, who set out to search  
for "Eve." Prominent among them was Rebecca Cann of the University of 
California  at Berkeley (later at Hawaii University). Obtaining the placentas of 
147 women  of different races and geographical backgrounds who gave birth at 
San Francisco  hospitals, she extracted and compared their mtDNA. The 
conclusion was that they  all had a common female ancestor who had lived between 
300,000 and 150,000 years  (depending on whether the rate of mutation was 2 
percent or 4 percent per  million years). "We usually assume 250,000 years," 
Cann stated. The upper limit  of 300,000 years, paleoanthropologists noted, 
coincided with the fossil evidence  for the time Homo sapiens made his 
appearance. "What could have happened 300,000  years ago to bring this change 
about?" Cann and Allan Wilson asked, but they had  no answer.” 

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