[Marxism] Tweaking of DNA dating on human evolution

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 18:41:44 MDT 2009

There were other females around at the time of that mitochondrial Eve.
 That's just how it's passed on generation after generation.

As I understand it, mitochondrial DNA is outside of the nucleus of the
cell and we get this from our mother's line.  That means that our
maternal grandmother's isn't part of our package.  It's just that her
DNA survived and others didn't.  So the mitochondrial Eve is ancestral
to all us but not the only female ancestor.

It amazes me that this question of direct descent confuses people.

Our Artesian colleague correctly takes a mathematical approach.

The catastrophic events happen, particularly the genetic bottleneck
around 74,000-75,000 years ago, which scientists very plausibly
ascribe to the explosion of the supervolcano Toba in Indonesia.
Suggestions are that the entire breeding stock of the human race
globally was reduced into mere thousands.


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