[Marxism] Tweaking of DNA dating on human evolution

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Sun Sep 6 20:59:05 MDT 2009

On Sep 6, 2009, at 7:32 PM, S. Artesian wrote:
> First the mitochondrial Eve and the "primal" Adam did not exist at  
> the same
> time.
Why *an* Adam?  Eve could have reproduced with any reasonable number  
of male co-survivors. You surely don't imagine hers as a monogamous  
patriarchal family, do you?

> Secondly, the mitochondrial Eve is not every human's common  
> ancestor.  She
> is the Most Recent Common Ancestor of  all  currently living humans  
> with
> respect to their matrilineal descent.

Male descent, however, is irrelevant to this subject.  How can Eve be  
"the Most Recent Common [female] Ancestor of  all  currently living  
humans" without being "every human's common ancestor" whether or not  
there were earlier ones? (the image of a "mitochondrial Eve" abstracts  
from her parents, including her father).
> In evolutionary genetics, the mitochondrial Eve is not a theory it  
> is a
> mathematical fact, at least until there is proof that humans had  
> multiple
> origins.
And, as I pointed out in reply to Mark, there has been so much gene- 
mixing since then that any of Eve's sisters who had surviving female  
children would be certain to have as many detectable descendants,  
within a tiny margin of error, as Eve did.

> Humans and chimps have a female Most Recent Common Ancestor, Chimps  
> and Gorillas have a  MRCA, evidence of which is contained again in the
> matrilineal line of descent as recorded in the mitochondrial DNA.

The implications of this for evolutionary theory are astounding.  We  
usually think of evolution as being propelled by the accumulation of  
small changes over many generations within an interbreeding  
population.  But if Eve had a mother, and she was human, she, not Eve,  
would be our mitochondrial grandmother.  So if we posit single female  
ancestors, MRCAs, at every species boundary we end up with the version  
of evolution prescribed by the sect known as "Old Earth Creationists"-- 
a unique being created by divine genetic intervention (and appropriate  
complementary divine intervention in some adamic male) as the MRCA of  
each new species to emerge.

Shane Mage

> This cosmos did none of gods or men make, but it
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