[Marxism] Tweaking of DNA dating on human evolution

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But what is the probability that, out of an interbreeding  population  
large enough to speciate,  all but *one* maternal line  will gradually  
become extinct?  Darwinian evolution can't handle  the phenomenon of  
extinction by relying only on gradual processes.  Catastrophes are  

Shane Mage
Inbreeding is not a problem. The problem is bloodline on how the inbreeding 
 is carried out. You were given specific source material on this question. 
Here is the formula. One can have the same mother but must have a different 
 father to carry forth 3/4 healthy blood or what is called "god essence."   
Same mother and same father produces weakness and breach. Same father and  
different mother does not carry forth "god essence." 
Here is my dispute: you claim eugenics as the science of better  humans. 
Produce the evidence and source material from the eugenics movement.

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