[Marxism] Tweaking of DNA dating on human evolution

Anthony Hartin hartin at mail.desy.de
Mon Sep 7 07:38:40 MDT 2009

>The way to think of this is to go back before the "Eve" and ask how
>those lines disappeared. Every time a new human is created, it'll have
>the mitochondrial DNA of its mother's mother and that of its father's
>mother isn't passed on. Every role of the dice loses 50%. So, over
>time, the probability of having "lines" disappear are much higher than

Thats only true if the father's mother only ever has one child - a boy. 
The number of descendants bearing a female ancestor's mitochondrial DNA 
must be, the average number of female offspring reaching child-bearing age 
produced by a mother (A) times the number of intervening generations (N).

The question is what is A? Its certainly something that varies over time 
and circumstances. If its not substantially bigger than 1, then one medium 
sized catastrophe has a good chance of wiping out a fairly large amount of
lines. Of course if its less than 1 then it just takes a certain amount 
of time to wipe out a line

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