[Marxism] Tweaking of DNA dating on human evolution

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 7 08:49:14 MDT 2009

Shane wrote:

And the contradiction is crucial, because the hypothesis of
> constancy for the rate of change in mitochondrial DNA depends on the
> assumption of constancy in the environmental conditions determining
> that rate of change, and such gradualism would guarantee the survival
> of more than one line unless the original population was too small for
> Darwinian speciation to occur in the first place.

Just one point, mutations in mitochondrial DNA are not the product of 
changes in the environment.  These mutations are not "adaptations," they are 
not "selected." [Most mutations have nothing to do with the environment]. 
In mitochondrial DNA the mutations are random errors in internal 
replication, which since there is no exchange of genetic material through 
sexual reproduction, form a "pristine" -- as they cannot be selected for--  
"clock"  for determining the times of the deviation from, and the origin of, 
the "template" mitochondrial DNA.

I don't know Shane-- first eugenics, and now environmental changes causing 
mitochondrial DNA mutation-- sounds more like Lamarck than Darwin to me--  
not that Lamarck didn't make important breakthroughs in evolution as an 
organic process.

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