[Marxism] What to do? [Early morn "Labor Day" thoughts]

Bhaskar Sunkara bhaskar.sunkara at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 10:15:02 MDT 2009

The same could be said of the Greens, except that primary campaign would
be irrelevant.

But what is the Democratic Party?  Certainly it's largely neoliberal,
bourgeois to
say the least-- perhaps the world's second most enthusiastic major
capitalist party.
But is there not open primaries?  Can a party without dues and with open
primaries even be called a party?

Such an electoral campaign would be important logical step at some point.
An open, democratic, Marxist organization is obviously the more important
and immediate task.

Not that creating a viable party of opposition is *likely* to work, but I
don't see
how it's *possible* through the tactics that have been dominate on the
American left.

Louis Proyect:
Anybody who runs as a Democrat is unlikely to have "openly Marxist" views.

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