[Marxism] What to do?

brad bauerly bbauerly at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 12:28:46 MDT 2009

To activists in the US  it should be painfully obvious to them that there is
no hope for coalition building. It is either the Democrats or something
outside of power. I don't understand all the talk about die Linke etc. It is
kind of a waste of time. There will never be a coalition govenment between
the left and center in the US. This has its negative and positive attributes
but we need not spill a bunch of ink discussing why parlamentary coalitions
fail. The negative of this is that good activists get pulled foolishly into
the Democratic party only to be beaten down. As the old saying goes "the
Democratic party is where social movements go to die". Hopefully the very
recent past will convince most that this is no road for us to take.

The positive attributes of the deformed politics of the US is that a true
workers party could theoretically build a movement without having to govern
and thereby avoid the pitfalls of bourgeois democracy. Now, such a party has
not materialized but it could and it offers the best hope in the US IMO. It
is this specificity of US politics which opens up the possiblity to
transcend the old debate and to create the oppurtunity to do both party type
organizing and the 'patient' strategy, that one of the articles Bhuskar
posted puts forward, within one mass movement.


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