[Marxism] Voting with feet, not commendable in Argentina Re: China's high speed rail plans

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 13:19:13 MDT 2009

Look, XxxxXxxx, I am too short of time. I am against distributionism and 
its practical forms in Argentina. Can´t debate this in English here. But 
I engage in debates in Spanish in the place where I belong. As to the 
"juanbejustismo", I suggest you get a copy of Jorge Enea Spilimbergo´s 
"El socialismo en la Argentina", and his "La cuestión nacional en Marx", 

Sorry not to have the time to engage in a debate with you on Marxmail, 
in January 2002 I informed all my comrades on English-based lists that I 
would be very busy in the historical period opened up by mass 
mobilisations in Argentina, and would not be able to . Thus I remain.

XxxxXxxx XxYyXxx escribió:
> Ok, Néstor, when you have time, I'd appreciate you elaborate the ideological limits -indeed, ideology, in Marx and Engels' sense, is to turn everything upside down- of my anti-dialectical "juanbejustismo" (and for practical purposes, you're free to assume I'm Iñigo Carrera's "disciple",) vis á vis my allegations that you (and Lueko, to one degree or another,) so far have been indulging in idealist distributionist* reveries about the direction China is taking.
> But please, take your time,-"que se bajen los cambios"- and be clear about it, no going off in a tangent, and no "mirror proofs" -by this I mean, justifying your position by saying you're right just like that- I beg you, so we can all learn about my onanist tendencies. No joke here, I think, in my humble opinion, marxmailers will benefit, and truly, I can't wait to get shook up.
> * when I say distributionist, I'm referring, daring as I am, to Marx's Critique of the Gotha Programme:
> "Vulgar socialism (and from it in turn a section of the democrats) has taken over from the bourgeois economists the consideration and treatment of distribution as independent of the mode of production and hence the presentation of socialism as turning principally on distribution."
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