[Marxism] What to do?

Bhaskar Sunkara bhaskar.sunkara at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 13:33:00 MDT 2009

I think I'm approaching my post-limit for the first time ever so I'll 
retire from this discussion
for the time being after this.

But, yes.  I suppose I am the term incorrectly .

And no, I didn't support Obama, in fact I voted for for Nader and the 
"Democratic Left @ GWU"
 a moderately sized progressive organization I helped found last year 
did not even go to
nearby Virginia to canvas for Obama.  Instead we chose to focus on local 
grassroots work with
DC JWJ and others on community work.

At one time I did however briefly subscribe to the notion that 
socialists could form a
part of the left-wing tent of the Democratic Party.  I would say that 
was before my politics
became explicitly Marxist.

What I am advising is simply what Marx, Kautsky, and Lenin did during 
their lives, with
the exception of my perhaps adlib that Democratic primaries can be wielded
for the purposes of guaging support and building visibility.

A united, openly democratic Marxist party of opposition that builds all 
the organs of a mass party
/ worker's movement (community orgs, workers' medias, some cooperatives, 

It's a hard task, some might argue an impossible one, but it seems like 
Unfortunately it's /not/ what the far-left right now is engaged in.

Right now we are either hiding behind front-groups, playing out 
popular-front fantasies with Obama,
building micro-sects or in the case of some anarchists, playing 
revolutionists on the streets one weekend a year.

How these basic principles will manifest themselves in the 21st century 
in the United States, given
the lack of class identification here, etc.  are /far/ more difficult 
questions that I'm sure other comrades,
especially you Mark, are better equipped to deal with.

Obviously marginalized communities, immigrant workers, communities of 
color would form a logical
base for a party of this nature.  Under what kind of platform could a 
group that unites the left
stand on is a question that Louis has written extensively on.

Mark Lause wrote:
> Yes, Bhaskar, following your inconsistencies on these things again
> confuses me.  Didn't you support Obama and the Democrats because all
> other alternatives were pointless?  How does that jibe with what
> you're now advising?
> And I'm absolutely befuddled by this discussion between you and brad
> about avoiding "coalitions"?  Are you all equating this term with an
> alliance to the capitalist formations?  Because, if you are, you're
> using the term incorrectly.
> And if you mean that progressive organizations shouldn't combine and
> function in coalitions, you're simply wrong.
> ML
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