[Marxism] Voting with feet, not commendable in Argentina Re: China's high speed rail plans

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Mon Sep 7 16:41:14 MDT 2009

True enough. The way I started was stupidly insensitive, careless, perhaps I’m rubbing the crap from other lists, environments, etc., perhaps Louis, putting it in nationalists terms now, or at least those of my barrio, Saavedra, this is an all too common, but bad, habit for us Argentines, or porteños, and you’re not used to it…yet.
I’ve been reading Marxmail posts, wow can’t even remember, couple years maybe, and the posts in your blog too, which I found quite helpful, let it be said. But I had read some of Néstor’s posts before and even the differences you had with them, the reason I haven’t and am not able to be more “active” is because…well, personal reasons of all sorts, studying, working, etc. etc., but I digress. 
I’ll try to make my views on the Universe a little clearer, evolving as they are, before we all die, but I can’t promise anything. I did say some if you plow thorugh my comments. Punching bag? No, I play futbol.
Néstor, I’m not living in Argentina at the moment, but I go, was going, somewhat often, we’ll see about it then, I’ll try to read the books you’ve suggested. Iñigo Carrera’s approach may be somewhat stale but:
Si vogliamo che tutto rimanga come é, bisogna che tutto cambi.
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