[Marxism] Left and right in Argentina, 1960s and 70s Re: Voting with feet, not commendable in Argentina Re: China'shigh speed rail plans

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 09:37:33 MDT 2009

Tom Cod escribió:
> Exactly.  The PRT denounced Moreno as Menshevik, but I think it's
> clear that all issues of armed self defense aside, that the ERP had
> gone over into reckless adventurism that was not only self-defeating
> but played into the hands of the military who used it to justify the
> Dirty War with devastating consequences for the left and society as a
> whole.

All forms of what I now call "armed substitutism" have the same 
consequence. The PRT, at least, were consequent to the end. Which has to 
be said on their behalf. But they, and the "Peronist" groups that 
espoused similar tactics (though this is more complex, since Peronist 
resistence against the 1955 coup and its aftermath had created a 
"resistence" myth of its own), in the end played into the hands not of 
the military (because the Armed Forces were divided on the issue of 
imperialism, and the action of these groups tended to push them back to 
unity under the proimperialist command) but of the 
oligarchic-imperialist establishment.

By the way, and without any intention to be rude again, the last part of 
the last sentence implies, as a point of departure, that not every cat 
is brown in the (all capitalist, granted) ruling classes in Argentina. 
People who in abstract believe that every capitalist ruling class is a 
bourgeoisie (in classical terms) miss these minutiae that can throw a 
country like mine into hell.

Now, this accepted, how can you or anyone suppose these formations were 
"to the Left" of Perón? They certainly were not.

Which does not imply that Perón was a socialist, nor that the relative 
political and moral standing of both ERP or MOntoneros on one hand, and 
the pro-oligarchic military, on the other, allow to equate them as "two 

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