[Marxism] Left and right in Argentina, 1960s and 70s Re: Voting with feet, not commendable in Argentina Re: China'shigh speed rail plans

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Tue Sep 8 10:50:20 MDT 2009

my comment was more of a generic observation, not one intended to hold forth on the specifics of Argentine society, a place I claim no particular expertise concerning.  That was the problem with that group some us belonged to, is that they viewed themselves as possessed of that, like some sort of pale reflection of a Washington Think Tank which they dragged their naive members down into, objectively a Know Nothing like talk-shop diversion from real struggle that only served to reinforce in the minds of the more naive ruling class notions about "terrorism".  If more time had been spent on issues like Watergate and other pertinent matters to us in the US at the time, that group perhaps would have remained relevant.  Some articles in the paper on Argentina in the paper, maybe, and an educational maybe, but the idea that our job was to launch an amateurish "discussion" or Children's Crusade about what people down there should do, a country most of us knew little about, was misguided and inappropriate and an invitation to needless sectarianism and factionalism that constituted a diversion.
> By the way, and without any intention to be rude again, the last part of 
> the last sentence implies, as a point of departure, that not every cat 
> is brown in the (all capitalist, granted) ruling classes in Argentina. 
> People who in abstract believe that every capitalist ruling class is a 
> bourgeoisie (in classical terms) miss these minutiae that can throw a 
> country like mine into hell.
> Now, this accepted, how can you or anyone suppose these formations were 
> "to the Left" of Perón? They certainly were not.
> Which does not imply that Perón was a socialist, nor that the relative 
> political and moral standing of both ERP or MOntoneros on one hand, and 
> the pro-oligarchic military, on the other, allow to equate them as "two 
> demons".
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