[Marxism] Marx/Hegel

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 8 19:09:45 MDT 2009

The claim is that one can only understand Marx if one has mastered the 
whole of Hegel's logic, not that a mastery of Hegel's logic may allow a 
few individuals to better appreciate Marx's Capital.  Lenin's claim 
strikes me as  false; so does Dunayevskaya's claims about the Hegelian 
absolute. If I am trying to understand the way in which Marx understands 
the mediations that make up a totality or real contradictions or unities 
of opposites or epochal historical developments, what is it that Hegel 
alone will clarify about what Marx has written? If I am trying to 
understand Marx, my time would be better spent re-reading him than 
commencing a study of the whole of Hegel's logic.
And I don't think Marx's beginning with the commodity is an attempt to 
mirror Hegel's beginning with sense certainty in the Phenomenology.  
Let's not forget that such a claim (Marx's Capital transposes Hegel's 
Phenomenology)  was the central thesis of arch Marx critic Robert Tucker 
whose Marx reader is perhaps still the most widely used.

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