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Haymarket Books is pleased to announce the release, in collaboration  
with Brill academic publishers, of the Historical Materialism book  

We believe that the U.S. release of the 13 new titles in this series  
represents an important new addition to Marxist theory and historical  

As with the quarterly Historical Materialism journal with which it is  
affiliated, the titles in the HM book series address topics and themes  
of sustained interest to critical scholars.

These include analyses of global political economy, the environment,  
ideology, and contemporary culture; new research and theory exploring  
the intersections between exploitation and oppression; and critical  
engagement among diverse currents of anti-capitalist thought. The  
series also includes the republication of classic texts in the Marxist  

The contemporary political moment is one characterized by intense  
turbulence and crisis, but also of intensifying possibility for those  
who seek to both interpret capitalist society as well as transform it.

The publication of the Historical Materialism book series aims to make  
a contribution to the project of critical scholarship and social  

Alasdair MacIntyre's Engagement with Marxism

Selected Writings 1953–1974

Edited by Paul Blackledge and

Neil Davidson

A selection of essays on Marxism from the author of the famous After  

ISBN: 9781608460328

US $28

Althusser: The Detour of Theory

Gregory Elliott

Elliott offers a critical examination of the political and  
intellectual contexts of Althusser’s ‘return to Marx’ in the  
mid-1960s. For this second edition, he has added a substantial  
postscript surveying a comprehensive posthumous collection of  
Althusser’s work.

ISBN: 9781608460274

US $28

The Clash of Globalizations

Neoliberalism, the Third Way, and Antiglobalization

Ray Kiely

An examination of the politics of globalization and resistance, along  
with insights on the role of the state and the nature of combined and  
uneven development.

ISBN: 9781608460229

US $28

Critical Companion to Contemporary Marxism

Edited by Jacques Bidet and Stathis Kouvelakis

This international and interdisciplinary volume aims to provide a  
thorough and precise panorama of recent developments in Marxist theory  
in the US, Europe, Asia, and beyond.

ISBN: 9781608460304

US $50

Criticism of Heaven

On Marxism and Theology

Roland Boer

A critical commentary on the interactions between Marxism and theology  
in the work of Ernst Bloch, Walter Benjamin, Louis Althusser, Henri  
Lefebvre, Antonio Gramsci, Terry Eagleton, Slavoj Zizek and Theodor  

ISBN: 9781608460311

US $28

Exploring Marx's Capital

Philosophical, Economic, and Political Dimensions

Jacques Bidet

Bidet re-assesses Marx’s entire system in its set of constitutive  
categories: value, market, labor-power, class, exploitation,  
production, fetishism, and ideology. He looks at difficulties each  
encountered and their analytical value.

ISBN: 9781608460281

US $28

Following Marx

Method, Critique, and Crisis

Michael A. Lebowitz

Lebowitz analyzes Marxist methodology for addressing the falling rate  
of profit, crisis theory, monopoly capital, advertising and the  
capitalist state.

ISBN: 9781608460335

US $28

Globalization: A Systematic Marxian Account

Tony Smith

This book examines the social-state, neoliberal, catalytic-state, and  
democratic-cosmopolitan models of globalization and how the  
functioning of each necessarily contradicts essential claims made by  
its leading advocates. Smith elaborates a positive, socialist  

ISBN: 9781608460236

US $28

Impersonal Power

History and Theory of the Bourgeois State

Heide Gerstenberger

Gerstenberger’s critique of the structural-functionalist theory of the  
state, in both its modernization theory and materialist variants,  
opposes to these an explanation that proceeds from the long-term  
structuring effect of social practice.

ISBN: 9781608460298

US $36

Making History

Agency, Structure, and Change in Social Theory

Alex Callinicos

Drawing on classical Marxism, analytical philosophy, and a wide range  
of historical writing, Making History observes how human agents draw  
their powers from the social structures in which they are involved.

ISBN: 9781608460205

US $28

Marxism and Ecological Economics

Toward a Red and Green Political Economy

Paul Burkett

The first general assessment of ecological economics from a Marxist  
point of view, this title shows that Marxism can help ecological  
economics fulfill its commitment to methodological pluralism, and  
historical openness.

ISBN: 9781608460250

US $28

A Marxist Philosophy of Language

Jean-Jacques Lecercle

This critique of the dominant views of language embodies a view of  
language as not merely an instrumental, but a social, historical,  
material, and political phenomenon.

ISBN: 9781608460267

US $28

Pavel V. Maksakovsky:

The Capitalist Cycle

Translated by Richard B. Day

This classic work in Marxist economic theory aims to provide a  
“concluding chapter” for Marx’s Captial. Maksakovsy examines Marx’s  
economic methodology and constructs a comprehensive, dynamic theory of  
cyclical crises.

ISBN: 9781608460182

US $20

Utopia, Ltd.

Ideologies of Social Dreaming in England, 1870–1900

Matthew Beaumont

This book uncovers the historical preconditions for the explosive  
revival of utopian literature at the nineteenth-century fin de siècle,  
and excavates its ideological content.

ISBN: 9781608460212

US $28

Also recently published by Haymarket, and part of the Historical  
Materialism Book Series:

Lenin Rediscovered

What Is to be Done? In Context

Lars T. Lih

Lih uses a wide range of previously unavailable sources to situate  
Lenin’s What Is to Be Done? within the mainstream of the European  
socialist movement of the time. This nuanced study upends traditional  
readings of Lenin and Russian history in the early twentieth century.

$50 | ISBN: 9781931859585

Western Marxism and the Soviet Union

Marcel van der Linden

 From socialist utopia to state capitalism, Marxist scholars have  
advanced widely divergent analyses of the Soviet Union. Van der Linden  
presents an encyclopedic review of the many theories and debates and  
assesses their contributions to Marxist political theory.

$20 | ISBN: 9781931859691

The German Revolution Pierre Broué | $50 | ISBN: 9781931859325

Between Equal Rights China Miéville | $18 | ISBN: 9781931859332

The Theory of Revolution in the Young Marx | Michael Löwy $15 | ISBN:  

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