[Marxism] Capitalist crisis as hurricane

RicardoStarkey at aol.com RicardoStarkey at aol.com
Wed Sep 9 18:29:10 MDT 2009

This is tragi-comic:
_Thousands  Of Abandoned, Foreclosed Homes Threatened By Florida Hurricane 
| The Onion -  America's Finest News Source_ 
_http://tinyurl.com/lzzm9f_ (http://tinyurl.com/lzzm9f) 
'According to meteorologists, the incoming tropical storm could leave as  
many as 3 million residents every bit as homeless as they've been for the 
past  year or so.'
'Floridians currently living out of their cars are likewise being ordered  
to pray for the best.
"I can't believe I would have had to leave my house behind had I not been  
evicted nine months ago," said Dale West, one of countless citizens who 
grabbed  family members and rushed to the safety of a nearby church basement 
last April.  "Just think of all the things I could have potentially lost had I 
still had  them!" 
"Dear God," West added. "How could something like this have already 
happened  to me?"'

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