[Marxism] last night's town hall meeting

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 07:44:00 MDT 2009

OK, it wasn't a town hall meeting, but given the disruptions by
Republicans at Obama's healthcare speech it might as well have been.
See the Post's account:
This behavior is a first at a Presidential speech. There is NO fucking
way this heckling and other signs of disrespect would have happened to
a white man.
Having said that, I find it sad that Wilson's shout of "you lie" came
after Obama said no "illegal immigrants" would be covered by his
health plan. I wish it were a lie. (HR 676, by the way, would cover
ALL residents without regard to status.)
When I read complaints from people who believe "illegals" will be
covered, my gut reaction is to say, fuck you, you should go without
decent healthcare if you can be so mean-spirited as to deny it to sick
kids because of their citizenship status. Of course what I'd really do
is explain why covering all residents is better for all workers.
Andy Pollack

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