[Marxism] India: An Open Letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh

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Thu Sep 10 10:14:16 MDT 2009

The following is an extract of a letter written by Shabnam Hashmi, a
member of National Integration Council of India, concerning the
assassination of Ishrat Jahan by the Gujurati police.  It has been
nominally edited to improve readability.

The entire letter can be read at http://bit.ly/27UkIS.

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

8 September 2009

Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh,

I had written a small article in The Hindustan Times in June 2004. It
was called ‘Come Shoot Me: I am a Terrorist’. It was to express my
anguish on Ishrat Jahan’s killing in Gujarat.

The Magisterial Enquiry, which is mandatory in every encounter case
(and which was never done in the Batla House encounter) yesterday
finally termed Ishrat Jahan’s killing as a fake encounter, in a
metropolitan court. It is not a matter of surprise for us as we knew
that she was killed in cold blood. Perhaps you will also agree that
such things are happening and happened in Gujarat under Modi. But I am
not writing to talk about how bad Modi is.

I am writing this to ask you a small favour.

I know you have absolutely hectic schedules and thousands of issues to
handle so I am putting down here the facts, gathered from various
media reports.

On 15 June 2003, the Ahmedabad city crime branch, then headed by the
now jailed IPS officer D.G. Vanzara, shot four young people – Ishrat
Jahan, Javed Shaikh alias Pranesh Pillai, Amjad Ali Rana, and Jisan
Johar. It was propagated that these four young people were alleged
Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) operatives who were allegedly on mission to kill
chief minister Narendra Modi.

Ishrat, was a 19-year old student of Khalsa College in Mumbra, a Mumbai suburb.

Ishrat’s mother filed a petition in the high court in 2004, demanding
death compensation and a CBI probe. Ishrat Jahan’s mother’s Petition
alleged that it was a fake encounter, as one of the many that the
present government regime in Gujarat headed by Narendra Modi has
committed, to achieve Political Mileage; to publicly create panic; and
to germinate sympathy for the Chief Minister ....

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