[Marxism] last night's town hall meeting

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Thu Sep 10 11:19:09 MDT 2009

Andrew Pollack wrote:

Obama said no "illegal immigrants" would be covered by his health plan. 
I wish it were a lie. (HR 676, by the way, would cover ALL residents 
without regard to status.)

Possibly many or most from the US on this list have had this experience, 
but 30 years ago when I was in Egypt, the Aswan clinic treated and bound 
my broken ribs without charge (Egypt for crissake), and later while in 
England I received Clement Attlee-type glasses, my first pair, and they 
wouldn't accept payment for them. I later learned that this was because 
Aneuran Bevan had persuaded Parliament that free medical care not just 
to residents but to visiting non-citizens as well was not an item of 
expense that UK should avoid, for what were presented as very socialist 
reasons - which after all the mayhem of WW2 and despite their impaired 
economy was apparently acceptable to Brits; this attitude seems to have 
survived intact at least until Thatcher. Is there a lesson here for 
Americans? Do we need the ravages of war and economic collapse to bring 
us to some kind of commonalty? Otherwise, after all the persuasive 
arguments that have been presented for a similar health care system 
here, how long will it be until a majority of us figures out that the 
cause of our ills is not "government paternalism" but something far more 
basic? Or is our "exceptionalism" too pervasive even for that?


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