[Marxism] The Deification of Matthew Shepard

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 10 12:54:46 MDT 2009

At 11:22 10/09/09 -0700, Adam Richmond wrote:
>As for the increase in sentencing time for violence against victimized 
>minorities... American criminal sentences are outrageously long and we 
>should oppose their increase
Yes, I agree with that. Sending people away for decades even for despicable
violent crimes is indeed outrageous. I would advocate (at the least) for
jail sentences in the US to be cut to 1/3 of their current levels for all
people convicted UNLESS it can be shown that it was actually a hate-crime,
in which case it would be possible to use pre-2009 sentencing levels in
order to send a harsh message deploring such actions.

I would also say that there should be no criminal sanctions for so-called
"drug crimes" (and many other classes such as "resisting arrest," too
numerous to mention). And of course no capital punishment (not even 1/3 of
it :-)

I didn't take up the issue of white-collar crime, mainly because these
almost never involve prison sentences. But I guess I wouldn't be too shaken
up if Bernie Madoff's sentence gets reduced to only 50 years......

- Jeff

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