[Marxism] The Deification of Matthew Shepard

Lynn MacDonald lynnmacd at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 10 12:56:10 MDT 2009

David Thorstad forwards:

> This familiar story -- Matthew as a pure, meek victim of anti-gay 
> bigotry -- remains an orthodoxy unquestioned by all but the most 
> ardent gay-rights opponents. In fact, Shepard was a deeply troubled 
> young man. ... There's no question that Shepard's murder was the 
> result of bigotry. But by ignoring Shepard's flaws, supporters of gay 
> rights make a critical mistake.

David Thorstad becomes the first marxmailer to enter my kill file.  this 
is pathetic.


I must agree with Les on this one.  I came onto this list to learn from people because I am not well versed on the subjects but very interested in the content.

I find it offensive when people chose to focus on the negative aspects of a person's life to justify any reason for them to be killed.  The brutality of what they did to Matthew Shephard never leaves my heart or mind.  My son is a gay man and I am very proud of him.  He had a gun pulled on him in a college classroom for "dressing gay."  I fear every day of my life that some hate-filled ignoramous will take his (or her) stupidity out on my son.

And I hope that I am never gunned down in some circumstance because who knows what some uncaring journalist or commentator would say about how I have led my life????  I am an atheist but I do agree with the whole sentiment of "judge not less ye be judged!"

It is also laughable that the "straight" community is requiring a "worthy" gay man be bashed to death so that we can him into a martyr instead of young Mr. Shephard whose actions weren't unlike many "straight" youths out there.  Would the writer be so quick to judge a straight man's character if he had been killed by a bunch of gay men???

I will now go and try to find some more hope for this country.  I am inching closer and closer to Canada daily!  What is going on in America now is sickening.  We will soon find ourselves even farther behind in the world community because of the ignorance some people are so very comfortable living with.

With respect,
Lynn MacDonald

p.s. I have no intention of deifying Mr. Shephard - but I will NEVER forget him!

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