[Marxism] J. Mackler replies to A. Cockburn/CounterPunch on anti-war movement

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 16:13:22 MDT 2009

I know John Walsh.  He is a libertarian, but a very thorough democrat
and a sound radical...  He very much favors single payer health care
reform, etc.  He's driven me mad with his periodic dogmatism about
socialism, but he's a dedicated radical who has very persistently
organized good demos against the war.

And he has a really sound sense for the qualitative in these things as
well as the quantities.  He's been a consistent fan of Cindy Sheehan
from the start...as have some of us.  I can't explain why the rest of
the movement isn't there with her either.

John's not someone should should be simply dismissed.  I think the
movement would be a lot stronger if we made greater efforts to bring
people like him on board...

And we should be wise enough to listen reasonably the points they make.


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