[Marxism] Lars Lih on Lenin, Kautsky, and 1914

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> http://www.cpgb.org.uk/worker/784/leninkautsky.php

But Lih fails to recognize how Lenin's sense of betrayal spun him into  
the absurd ultra-leftist calls for "civil war" and "defeatism" that  
resulted in his sectarian "Zimmerwald Left" (a telephone booth  
inhabited only by Lenin and that blowhard Zinoviev) and his violent  
polemics against the two revolutionary Marxist books published against  
the war:  the "Junius Pamphlet" by Rosa Luxemburg and "War and the  
International" by Leon Trotsky.  Fortunately, Lenin recovered from his  
sectarian fit in 1917.  Unfortunately, his polemics of 1915-1916 gave  
useful ammunition to the Okhranik Stalin and the careerist Zinoviev in  
their 1923-26 struggle against "Trotskyism."

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