[Marxism] Winston Churchill nostalgia?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 18:44:45 MDT 2009

A very interesting piece Lou.  I am posting here in case a thread develops
around Churchill.  I wonder what Paddy thinks of it all? Myself thinks that
this is standard English left liberal fare. We Irish know the English so
well.  Land of hope and glory and Rule Britannia always seem to have mass
appeal. I suppose it is something of a replay of the incomplete British
Revolution which left a role for the Aristocracy as "natural leaders".

My last trip to England was over a year ago and I found at great deal of
depression among the lefties and the liberals.  The awfulness of Brown PM
was sinking in and the certain prospect of Cameron PM was the truly horrible
alternative.  It was clear to everyone that all those years of New Labour
had prepared the way for a return of TINA.

So an awful future looms for the Brits. Set in that context, nostalgia for
lost glory and long departed national consensus makes some sort of perverted

As for Churchill himself he was a military disaster and a racist imperialist
to his core.  I once saw a program that talked about how he did not go north
to address the Yorkshire miners during WW2 until after the Battle of
Stalingrad. I would bet anything that he was escorted and protected
by Communist Party shop stewards.



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