[Marxism] Texts against Religion

Richard Menec menecraj at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 10 20:23:31 MDT 2009

Paul Papadeas asked:

> What is a solid list of books that you recommend critiquing organized 
> religion and/or Christianity (Protestanism in general)- both from the past 
> and modern?

A fellow by the name of Upton Sinclair did quite a muckraking job with the 
publication of "The Profits of Religion; An Essay in Economic 
Interpretation" (self-published), in 1918.  It caused quite a stir at the 
time, and should still be of interest.  I read it in highschool so can't 
comment on it at length, except to say that he exposed them all, from the 
Mormon sects to the Seventh Day Adventists.

A search at vialibri turns up 436 matches: http://www.vialibri.net/

Richard Menec 

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