[Marxism] India: An Update from Lalgarh

Rajesh Roy rajeshcherian at yahoo.co.in
Thu Sep 10 21:09:29 MDT 2009

Hello comrade EPoliticus, 

my remark was a criticism of Maoist violence in Bengal, and their opportunistic alliance with Mamta Banerjee against the CPI(M).. I support the CPI(M).. over the last five days, about 15 people including CPI(M) cadre have been murdered by these petty criminals who dream of bringing revolution to India through cold-blooded murder..

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Rajesh Roy wrote "Meanwhile, CPI(M) cadres are being murdered on a
daily basis in Bengal by the infamous ultra-left right-wing political

Comrade Roy, my impression is that your remark is an attempted slur.
I hope that I am mistaken.  Elaborate on your political position, or
provide a link to an publication that represents your political
position, and we can engage in an open political discussion.


"In the tender annals of Political Economy, the idyllic reigns from
time immemorial ... the present year of course always excepted."
-- A German refugee, circa 1867 --


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