[Marxism] Long posts not allowed??

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Sep 11 12:22:42 MDT 2009

Mark Lause wrote:
> Les offers a telling comment on the potential value of the list for
> discussion...as opposed to the mere forwarding of electronic
> "clippings."


Becauxe my vision has been ravaged with macular degeneration, in order
to read posts I have to copy them to a word file, format them in clearly
demarcated paragraphs, all extraneous matter removed, and set in a large
font. Even after this massaging of text, I read so slowly (focus on what
the letters are interferes with focus on wht the fuck is being said)
that any reasonably dense text will force me to reread it several times
before making sense of it. Hence I am forced radically to limit the
number of posts I read each day - especially since almost the only posts
I'm interested in reading are apt to be densely written.

I practically stopped reading marxmail late last year when the
overwhelming concern seemed to be to prove that the economy was in a bad
shape and getting worse. Big fucking deal - since none of those posts
ever bothered even to hint that perhaps we should ask Lenin's question
(even if we didn't accept his answers, which fit 1905): WITBD.

The absence of interest in this question; in fact the absence any hing
that the question existed, pretty much convinced me that the list was
only concerned with daily movement for its own sake (a la bernstein),
with hopes for the future occasionally thrown in for decoration.

(Incidentally, it has been shown over and over again for two centuries
that economic misery, or almost any kind of misery, NEVER provokes
resistance. And when it does, that resistance is merely of the
nickel&dime variety, mainly pleading with the capitalists to toss a few
more crumbs to the starving masses.

Fuck That.

It seems to me that the two most imporatant texts for today from
"classical marxism" are the two speeches by Rosa Luxemburge at the
Stuttgart  Conference of the SPD.  Endless bits of daily news, economic
news, latest reviews of the drama staged by the rulng class for the
drama-hungry masses (What is Obama up to now? Aint' he a terrible
fellow.Shit), invocations to have the right feelings (since our action
here would be empty) on what the Iranians are up to. That stuff probably
bores even most  avid raders of the Nation.



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