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george snedeker snedekerg at verizon.net
Fri Sep 11 18:36:18 MDT 2009

I've written a satirical novel and would like to find an agent to market it for me. I was wondering if anyone on the list knows a good agent or how to find a good one. If anyone can assist me, please contact me offlist at snedekerg at verizon.net

I will paste a draft of a synopsis of my book in the form of a letter below if you have a minute to take a look at it. I think the satire is funny, but selling a political satire might be a difficult task! 
The College Essays of Jenny Delight is a satirical novel set at a fictional college campus. The first part of the novel, which is the first two thirds of the manuscript,  consists in short comic episodes written by Jenny Delight, a student at the SUNY/College at Old Windsor. This part of the novel ends when the main character, Jenny's sociology professor, is killed by an emotionally disturbed student. The Professor's murder takes place in the middle of a Student Life Committee meeting  while the shortage of counselors in the college's Counseling Center is being debated. 


The second part of the novel, which is the last third of the manuscript, consists of four documents: the final six email messages sent by, Fred Snyder, The Sociology professor, on the day he was murdered, a web memorial for Snyder, a report he wrote on the work of the Student Life Committee and a memoir of his childhood in rural New Jersey. The novel concludes with an After word by the Chair of the Sociology Department. 


The two parts of the novel are united by the life and death of Fred Snyder, the lives of several of Jenny's friends and family members and Jill, the Old Windsor Librarian. The action of the novel takes place at the college. The day to day life of the college is the primary object of the satire with Jenny's family being the secondary object. 

                                    George Snedeker 

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