[Marxism] Query regarding suspicious activity on my blog

Politicus E. epoliticus at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 19:08:40 MDT 2009

Dear comrades:

I have a question that hopefully those comrades who are more internet
savvy than I might answer.

I recently posted a blog entry entitled "Indian's Favourite Fascist,
Again."  That blog entry has been exceptionally popular in the sense
that it has got almost 200 reads, by far the most I have got of any
piece to date.

But I noticed something peculiar about the pattern of hits.  There is
an IP address that hits the blog exactly every 30 mins, at the top of
each hour, and at 30 mins. past the hour.  I cannot determine the
originating IP address, except that it is from within the U.S.
perhaps.  I also know that this has been going on for about 24 hours.
This strikes me as rather strange and I have no hypothesis that can
account for my observation.

Does something have ideas about what might be the source, and why this
is happening?


"In the tender annals of Political Economy, the idyllic reigns from
time immemorial ... the present year of course always excepted."
-- A German refugee, circa 1867 --


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