[Marxism] Query regarding suspicious activity on my blog

Bhaskar Sunkara bhaskar.sunkara at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 19:11:56 MDT 2009

On my way out sorry for the brevity, but it might be simply a bot.  Send 
me an email with the IP and I'll give it a lookup for you.

Politicus E. wrote:
> Dear comrades:
> I have a question that hopefully those comrades who are more internet
> savvy than I might answer.
> I recently posted a blog entry entitled "Indian's Favourite Fascist,
> Again."  That blog entry has been exceptionally popular in the sense
> that it has got almost 200 reads, by far the most I have got of any
> piece to date.
> But I noticed something peculiar about the pattern of hits.  There is
> an IP address that hits the blog exactly every 30 mins, at the top of
> each hour, and at 30 mins. past the hour.  I cannot determine the
> originating IP address, except that it is from within the U.S.
> perhaps.  I also know that this has been going on for about 24 hours.
> This strikes me as rather strange and I have no hypothesis that can
> account for my observation.
> Does something have ideas about what might be the source, and why this
> is happening?
> Thanks.

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