[Marxism] Examples of the use of force by American forces against its citizens.

Jon Hiesfelter redbeard at riseup.net
Sat Sep 12 03:05:13 MDT 2009

> I am in search of examples of the use of force by American forces against
> its citizens.
> So far I have these:
> The Ludlow massacre
> Matewan (and its subsequent Battle for Blair Mountain)
> Sand Creek
> Wounded Knee I and II
> The Bonus Marchers (post WWI in DC)
> Kent State
> WTO Seattle
> But would be grateful for any further examples or further explanations of
> the above not in the mainstream. Not being a US resident I am out of the
> loop somewhat.
> Many thanks,
> Magda

Far more frequent than the mythology would have people believe.  And 
despite the stories of American exceptionalism of our passive working 
class, often in labor struggles.  For example, it has been said that the 
National Guard would not have been so trigger happy at Kent State had 
they not just spent days battling a Teamster strike.

Also, as time goes on the line between 'police' and 'military' has 
become more and more blurred.  Hi-tech weaponry and training from the 
military is becoming more prevalent in the civilian police.

Here's a book on a mine strike in Arizona in the 80s, "Copper Crucible"

But there are plenty more.

A key source you've left out is the response to 'riots'/uprisings of 
largely african american urban folks in the 60s.  Watts/Los Angeles, 
Detroit, etc.  These required significant involvement of the National 
Guard to return to quiescence.  70,000 troops is the number deployed I 

Seems like there should be a catalog of these, Ward Churchill's book "on 
the Justice of Roosting Chickens" does cover domestic instances of 
military force but seems to spend more time on imperialism.

Jon in Seattle

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